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For some in Arica, Chile, spear fishing is a way of life.  Some say it is easier to catch fish with a fishing pole.  Any way one views spear fishing, they agree that it is fun, challenging and pumps the blood.  On our outing, we were lucky to be with The Champion Spear fisherman in Chile.  His expertise is enough to keep entire villages fed along the sea front.

Our before shot, entering the water.

The south beach area in Arica, Chile offers great even tides, calmer waters and a bottom depth of no more than 20 meters.

A two hour session can render a good amount of fish and seafood.  We were lucky to have a good haul.

Feature written and photographed by Phillips, June 2001.  Ludwing was referred to us by a friend who we met in Arica.



Arica, Chile is a great little town on the edge of the water in Northern, Chile. It offers outdoor enthusiasts spearfishing, diving and surfing. Be aware, the water temperature is frigid. 7 mm wet suits with hoods are a necessity for any water sport. The guide below carries all equipment. When in Arica contact the only Dive Master for miles:
Makohe Adventures Submarinas
Ludwing Duarte F.

Home Phone Number: 55-229840
Cellular: 55-09-6384824 
Call during regular business hours.

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