Relaxing in the Glenwood Hot Springs and Yampa Vapor Caves Glenwood Springs, CO USA

Everyone loves the Glenwood Hot Springs pool. It makes for the ideal recovery vehicle after a rough day of play. The Hot Springs are caused by deep geo-thermal bursts inside the earth’s core that heat the waters. The Ute Indians were the first to discover the Hot Springs in the early 1800s.  They nicknamed it "Yampa" Hot Springs, "yampa", means "big healer".   The Ute Indians thought sitting in them made them better hunters. Today the Hot Springs are separated into two pools.  One that is mild, and one that is hot. The hot springs have attracted visitors from across the world and continue to do so today.  For the more adventurous type, try the natural hot springs that are located on the Colorado river.

Hot Spings, CO
The Hot Springs Pool

Hot Spings, CO2

Hot Spings, CO3

Adjacent to the Glenwood Hot Springs is the Yampa Vapor Caves. The caves are related in creation to the Hot Springs Pool. These caves provide an intense steam bath that is certain to clean out pores. When looking geographically at the way the pool and caves are situated, one notices that they are extruding pieces of the mountain. Inside this mountain is where the geo-thermal activity has come up from the core. This activity has produced the Hot springs Pool the Yampa Vapor Caves and the Glenwood Caverns.

Hot Spings, CO4

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, January 2000.  All information provided by Glenwood Springs Historical Society.



Take I-70 to the town of Glenwood. Take your first right through the light and continue straight through the following light. The Hot Springs are located directly across from the Hotel Colorado. There is ample parking next tothe pool. For more information on the Yampa Vapor Caves or Hot Springs Pool, you may contact the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association at 1-888-4-Glenwood or

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