Exploring the Northern Beaches of Brazil

Northern Brazil10
When sand dunes meet the Southern Atlantic Ocean, the beauty is amazing. Warm water, hot sun and the proximity to the equator, less than two degrees south, can only equal an absolute paradise

It is possible to spend months traveling the Northern beaches of brazil. A stretch that could go on for more than two thousand kilometers.

Northern Brazil

Fortleza is a good base camp. Located in the state of Ceara, one of twenty three in Brazil, the area is guaranteed to restore ones energies. Traveling up and down the coast there are small villages about every twenty kilometers. All have there own quaintness and a few have realized that travelers frequent the area having made it more travel friendly. Several small nice pousadas and hotels can be found in most of these village. A local beach guidebook is the key to finding some of the nicer places to stay.

Northern Brazil4
View from Praia de Iracema in Fortleza.

One will stay occupied with ocean swimming, diving, sand boarding, surfing, wind surfing, riding in dune buggies, and fantastic seafood and nightlife. An expensive plane flight will put you in Ilha de Fernando de Noronha, the ultimate signature island of the continent.

The friendly sun laid back and helpful attitude of the Brazilians is encouraging.

Northern Brazil2
Tribal Dances take place every night on the beach in Jericoarcoara.

On our week tour we headed north in seach of as much adventure as we could find. Passing through towns like Pecem, Paracuru, Cumbuco, and Loginha is great fun, all too are rumored to be great surfing although we observed very small waves from early morning to late night in mid October 2003.

Northern Brazil9

When we found Jericoacoara it was the place we were searching for. Minus the surf as the waves were too small, Jericoacoara is a wind surfers paradise. By mid morning, gusts were filling the area and the ocean became a crowded area full of both wind surfers and para surfers (the latest in combining surfing and a para sail). As long as one could handle the growning seas and the strong gusts, exhaustion will be the first to bring you in to shore. After the ocean beats one enough, sand boarding and dune buggy rentals are a good substitute for the adrenalin junkie. Depending on ones level of interest in wind surfing, you could spend up to ten days before desiring a different location.

Northern Brazil3

Dancers at night on the beaches of Jericoacoara are demonstrating the typical tribal dances of the early natives that were common dances of wariors.

Northern Brazil7
The beaches of Paracuru offer great night swimming.

For the adventurer on Praia do futoro Forteleza, waves yielding 3 to 4 feet give the surfer a few hours of riding. Going North from Forteleza will lead the surfer to seasonal waves that can be notable.

Northern Brazil5
A photo taken under a full moon on Jericoarcoara reveals sand dunes and other wild things at night. The beach seemed to glow when it was so bright.

Sand dunes throughout the region are fun to sand board on and offer a snowboarding type day. It is possible after days to find sand in crevices one never knew they had for weeks after your sand boarding experience. Fishing on the Atlantic is great but expect waves that will make even the natives sick.

Northern Brazil6
Looking down the beach at Lagoinha, north of Forteleza.

Northern Brazil8

Navigation is easy and the roads are well maintained. Traveling between beach front cities is pretty easy.

Northern Brazil11

*Feature written by Phillips, October 2003.  All facts were given by the resort guides, and taken from the Praia of Brazil Guidebook.



It can be hard to find a surf shop that will rent surf boards and good body boards around Forteleza. The best idea is to bring it with you. A good surf shop on Praia do Iracema is Bio board. They also do trips regionally and can help plan trips to Ilha do Fornio which is the place to dive and surf the premier waters of the area. Renting a car is no problem and can be done easily and inexpensively through local travel agencies. When driving police corruption is not uncommon. Be prepared to be stopped for the most ridiculous of reasons, and too, defend yourself from false scams and accusations. Check with your local embassey regarding driving regulations. A great guidebook for driving, beaches and adventure is: Praias made by guia quatro rodas at: www.guia4rodas.com.br. Getting to Forteleza can be expensive if attempting to come from the Amazon River region or Manaus. Plane flights are not cheap. Flying directly into Rio de Janerio and then taking another plane north is probably the most efficent route. Planes stop in most cities along the way to te north of Brazil so exploring can be made easy. A great hotel to stay in while in Forteleza is the Holiday Inn.


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