An Abstract view Paraty, Brazil

Paraty, Brazil became famous in the sixties and seventies when actors across the globe visited to truly get away to a secluded and remote festive town in Brazil. Today, Paraty still has the flavor of a hidden paradise and has grown collectively to preserve its historical features of a once gold and silver port city of Portugal during the 1700's. It truly has the flavor of an international-glamour, "I want to be seen here" city. It offers the visitor everything from trekking on the gold trail, to diving in the bay, to enjoying one of the many fine restaurants in town. Paraty is almost equidistant between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil and is a short drive from these major cities.

Paraty Brazil
Paraty has a many churches, this is the post card church dating back before the 17th Century.

Paraty Brazil2
A little girl appreciates this newly flowering plant.

Paraty Brazil3
From the peer, the sun is setting upon the town, lights are beginning to shine, and the glow of the boats with Paraty in the back. Captured best here in black and white.

Paraty Brazil5
The boys. On a path to something new and exciting, while enthralled in this moments competition.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, October 2001.



Paraty is a great drive or ride from Rio de Janerio. 

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