Skiing at Snowbird Resort, Utah

Locals call it, "The 'Bird' ", and if you pronounce it correctly, it will guarantee instant respect by your peers. Many ponder what a snowbird looks like. Is it camouflaged to blend in with the snow? Does it look crystallized, like the fresh dry flakes that often accumulate in the area? Or does it have chameleon power, often changing its physical features to match that of its environment to protect it from predators? These never before seen photographs capture the "snowbird" in its natural pristine state:

Snowbird UT2
These "snow birds" are from a new breed called the Snow board bird.

Snowbird UT

Located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Snowbird Resort receives the top two place finish for both local and visitor favorite ski area. With over 4,700 of skiable terrain, Snowbird requires several days of ski to find all the available stashes. Snowbird has big time steeps, great chutes, drops, and just about everything imaginable to keep the snow bird happy.

Snowbird UT3
Looking at Skier's right half of the mountain in sunset glow, the "Bird" is too big even for wide camera lenses.

Snowbird UT4
Riding up the chair on the backside of Snow Bird, offers skiers and riders more access to great terrain in, "Mineral Basin"

Snowbird UT5
As wind and snow continue to blow and accumulate in the morning hours, the tram still rides on (far left).

Snowbird UT6
After getting off the tram and facing Salt Lake City, it was hard to try and dissect the mountain with so many enlightening options.

Snowbird UT7
The views at 11,000 feet are 360 degrees of adventure.

Snowbird has many options for the adventure spirited form their, "first tracks program", to Heli-skiing, terrain park, half pipe, and plenty of activities for the future snow birds of the world.

*Feature written and photographed by Phillips, February 2003. Information regarding altitude was provided by Snowbird Resort.



Snowbird is easy to find and Salt Lake airport services most regional cities (801) 575-2400. Coming from Salt Lake City: Highway 15 to Highway 215 which is just south of Salt Lake City. Take Highway 215 to exit 6 or 5200 south. Go East up through Little Cottonwood Canyon, follow the signs. The drive from the exit is about 20 -25 minutes and will roll through a neighborhood; follow the signs. The easiest way to contact them: RESORT INFO: (801) 933-2222 SNOW CONDITIONS: (801) 933-2100 LODGING: 1-800-640-2002 or you can visit their web site:

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